TweekSocial | Cancel your account
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Cancel your account

If you need any help or have to cancel your subscription please feel free to email us at and your account will be cancelled in 24 hour.



Few FAQ about our product:

Question: Can I cancel anytime?

Answer: Yes


Question: How can I cancel?

Answer: To cancel your account just mail us at or drop a message on website chat with your username. Your account will be canceled in next 24hour.


Question: Is there any contract?

Answer: No


Question: How can I stop and resume my campaign?
Answer: Yes just go to analytics section from dashboard and press stop or resume.


Question: How can I edit and resume campaign?

Answer: Go to analytics section and press edit and resume.


Question: Does it work in 2022?

Answer: Yes it works flawlessly.


Question: Do I need to have my browser open for it to work??

Answer: No! Tweeksocial works 24/7. You just need to schedule a direct message and relax our software will send 300 dm/day automatically. It will start and stop automatically so you need to worry about that. After scheduling a message you can close your computer and our software send messages in backend.



Question: Do you use Twitter official API?

Answer: Yes we use official Twitter API to send messages it will reduce risk of your account getting ban.