TweekSocial | Dm Campaign Best Practice
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Dm Campaign Best Practice

DM Campaign Best


The DM Campaigns tool should be used with caution. It is to help you better target a specific audience with useful content not to encourage spamming.  You should follow the best practices outlined below to ensure you use the tool effectively with respect to both creating engaging content and helping to avoid spam filters.


  • Target

Ensure you have decided on the purpose of the campaign. All the users returned on the community wall will receive your DM so you should have a clear idea of exactly who you want to target. If you send users messages that they have no interest in, they may unfollow you and/or report you as a spammer so clear targeting is imperative to ensure a successful campaign.


  • Ensure relevance

The DMs you send have to provide users with a benefit, for example an offer or information that is useful to them. Don’t use this tool to welcome all new followers as this is considered annoying by many users. Make sure your message is relevant. For example, your current customers may be interested in a promotion, a new product or in receiving a monthly newsletter and past event attendees may want to attend an upcoming event.


  • Customise content

The content of the message should be attractive and be tailored to an individual or a custom audience. If your message appears to be automated it may be ignored and you may be unfollowed, blocked or worse, so:


  • Personalise the message using the merge tags to add a recipient’s name or a location.
  • Short messages usually work better.
  • – Ask a question to generate conversation and promote engagement.
  • – Include a valid link to a Tweet, especially a Tweet with a photo, or even better a link to a Tweet with a link to a website.