TweekSocial | How to send mass dm to a Twitter list ?
Tweeksocial helps you to send mass message to a Twitter list. You can automate sending messages to Twitter list without any hassel.
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How to send mass dm to a Twitter list?



  1. Twitter Account
  2. Tweeksocial paid plan as free plan do not include this service.
  3. Twitter usernames in a CSV file.


Who is it for? 

Journalists, digital marketing managers, event managers, influencers, entrepreneurs, small business owners etc.


Use case for mass dm to a Twitter list: 

  1. Get any paid plan of Tweeksocial and login with your Twitter account on Tweeksocial. After login you will be redirected to dashboard where you have to submit your email.
  2. Prepare a csv file with usernames in one row.
  3. Wait for follower sync to complete and then go to mass message page. Click upload csv file.
  4. Upload csv file and wait for upload to complete.
  5. Go back to mass message schedule page and write your message. Before posting it check box  you want to send messages to a list on bottom of the page.
  6. Post your message and check analytics on mass dm analytics page.


Here is the demo: